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Culture multiwell plates, treated, sterileCulture multiwell plates, treated, sterile

Culture multiwell plates, treated, sterile

Manufactured with USP VI crystal class virgin polystyrene in a 100000 grade clean room. Treated surface. Uniform volume and growth surface in all wells. Smooth well surface which is free from striation to maximize the usable growth area. Wells are labeled with alphanumeric code for easy identification. Sterilized by gamma irradiation and certified free of DNAse, RNAse and pyrogens. Lids included. Packed in individual bags

Referencepcs per sales unitWorking Vol.Growth area (cm2)WellsBottomPriceAdd to cart
CCPP-006-1001001,90 - 2,90 ml9,606flat 240.05 CHF
CCPP-012-1001000,76 - 1,14 ml3,8512flat 249.70 CHF
CCPP-024-1001000,38 - 0,57 ml1,9324flat 249.70 CHF
CCPP-048-1001000,19 - 0,29 ml0,8348flat 268.90 CHF
CCPP-096-1001000,075 - 0,20 ml0,3396flat 240.05 CHF
CCPP-U96-1001000,075 - 0,20 ml0,5896U-shaped 297.75 CHF


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